We are proud to announce that The Camp Transformation Center and Meats2U have come together in a unique partnership to bring even greater success to The Camp Transformations Center’s 6-Week Challengers or “Fit Fam”! This partnership has been years in the making as Sam Bakhtiar, Co-Founder of The Camp Transformation Center and Eric Huerta, Co-Founder of Meats2U, met 25 years ago with a shared devotion to health and fitness.

Sam Bakhtiar began as a chiropractor who would offer personal training out of his chiropractic office. That personal training evolved into what is now ”The Camp Transformation Center”. Sam transformed his own physique into a Champion bodybuilder who holds the record of having a first place title in every weight class. Sam and Co-Founder, Alejandra Font have helped transform THOUSANDS of people, not only physically but what they feel is even more important, “mentally”.

Eric Huerta began his passion for fitness as a high school football player. He was also involved in body building and is now a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. Eric and Corey Patendis, Co-Founder, have been in the business of providing quality meats and seafood for over 6 years together. Meats2U went entirely online 2 ½ years ago serving 8 Western states with the motto “Abs Are Made in the Kitchen”.

Recently, Sam and Eric asked themselves what they could do to make The Camp members more successful during their 6 Week Challenge. With Sam’s body transformation background and Eric’s nutritional background, The Camp and Meats2U decided to join forces to offer one of the more unique solutions in fitness today!

F.T.D.I. PACKAGES specifically designed by Dr. Sam Bakhtiar for his members are supplied and packaged by Meats2U. These packages have been available online for some time but soon they will be available ON SITE in each of The Camp’s gyms throughout California! There will be no need to order and wait for delivery. The highest quality lean proteins necessary to assist in The Challengers’ success at The Camp Transformation Centers will be available daily, SIMPLY and AFFORDABLY.